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** Low temp, extremely high heat, and HVAC/duct work.

** Paint and Label pipes for safety & identification. 

** Integrity plugs for pipe inspection

We are OHSA certified & fully insured!

SAFETY Is our 

Colored PVC available in a variety of colors to match customer's specifications!

Low Temperature
High Temperature

We use only high quality safety rated labels. Available in stock per your specs, or special orders. 

Materials that are primarily used in this project are John Manville / Knuaf fiberglass with an ASJ Vapor Barrier.
Also install PVC Proto Elbows.
This application is used on +80 to
+365 degree temperatures.
Materials that are primarily used in this project are a Polyisocyanurate Trymer XP 2000 with a ZeroPerm Vapor Barrier.
Alumminun cladding is always used on the exterior, with a .020 PVC on interior work. This application is used on
+50 to -265 degree temperatures.
Materials that are primarily used in this project are Polyiso Board with VentureClad Alumminum.
This application is used for all exterior HVAC ductwork.

Safety Paint & Pipe Marker Labels

The finishing touch on many projects is the safety paint and pipe marker labels for proper identification of pipes. 

This service can be part of an overall insulation project, or alone as part of updating & maintenance of your current systems. 

Integrity Plugs

Integrity plugs provide a large, safe access to the pipe for accurate, non-destructive inspection, which remedies the need to remove the insulation system exposing the pipe to further corrosion and damage that can result in costly repairs for the company! 

A key feature of the integrity plug is the edge trim - designed to cover the metal edges that create the opening of the plug thereby eleminating hand injuries and cuts during the inspection process. 

The standard plug (black- for cold) is made of EVA foam & a firm EPDM cap.  The EVA foam maintains thermal protection, migrating heat loss.   The EPDM cap provides extra protection against high winds, rain, hail,snow, birds & various forms of mechanical damage. 

The high temperature plug (red) is made for a dual  durometer silicone with a metal skeletal outer trim. This gives the product to be installed on a wide variety of irregular surfaces while maintaining a rigid outer edge to ensure easy access for pipe inspections. 
Integrity plugs can be installed on new refrigeration systems or already existing systems